Forever Sally

Sally 2

Sally FaceForever Sally

While my sister has a malevolent obsession,, Mine is a bit more Tim Burton,.. Yes.. the ever lovely Sally. The willful, sometimes misunderstood girl that tries her best to help everyone even if her hands get a little… tied up..

Love the outfit from DRBC, which I discovered thanks to the Maleficent pictures I was asked to take earlier today.

So here is my take on Sally, probably my all time favourite Disney girl!



Amazing blog post! ❤ Lots of Love to my sister!

MoonRose Asylum

Evil Mel

Every little girl dreams of being the princess, but those rare villains come along that are so awesome, that you can’t help but want to be one too. Disney’s Maleficent is one of those for me, So when I heard Dizzy over at DRBC was doing an outfit based on the movie, I couldn’t help myself and a few family members were enchanted into joining me. Come join me on the journey of meeting the woman behind the scorn, her tale and trials as her story went largely untold till now

Casting    Mel 1   Snapshot_005

We all know that words can hurt and betrayal cuts even deeper, a magnificent powerful being brought to complete hatred and darkness so bleak that it freezes to the marrow of the soul. A story where true love, not a romantic love where the prince saves the day, but a love that goes even deeper, that of…

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Having fun in InWorldz!

New Logo Max - Skye Staff

New Logo Max

Toxic Lower BodyHaving fun in InWorldz!

So I decided to go over to IWz for a couple days… and whaddya know some friends came with, one of them being my extra special friend, MaximusArturas, owner of Max’z Custom Tattoo’z,..

So we’ve been setting up shop and I’m going to show off some photos and tattoos!

Pictures are mine, tattoos are his, any further questions just ask!

Valentines at Carrie’s

Mia Valentines

I was blessed to be able to be the center girl for a Carrie’s shot! I love the outfit, it’s Mia… my favourite colour is blue,.. so I’m featuring the blue, but there’s a fat pack picture as well… For VIPs these outfits are all 25% off right now so if you don’t have a tag you should grab one to get all the cool stuff Carrie has out for Valentines day. 12 plus outfits in total.. you’ll make your 500L’s back in savings I can promise you!

We had fun with the group shot, and everyone is wearing the D!va Giz type B hair from the Gatcha machine at D!va. it’s beautiful and has a colour changer for the bows.. was absolutely perfect to go with Mia!

It’s my normals that are on, hush skin, my own shape, ect. Yea I’m being a bit lazy… and no I don’t know what skin/shape/eyes every girl is wearing in the group picture, only the hair cuz we all have the same one on 🙂 All clothing is from Mia 2, all make up is from Carrie’s Lingerie 🙂

Valentines Mia_001